High Pressure Spraying Method From Preventing Water Leakage


The high pressure sprayer method is implemented as an injection of TAP liquid under high and continuous pressure. For spaces where water is trapped within the surface structure, the TAP fluid will work to fill the leakage.


The TAP GROUT method prevents the burying of leaky concrete. Because of this, the features and design will not change significantly. Additionally, this method also offers high durability by filling the cracks, while keeping the aesthetics of the building.

The TAP GROUT method also offers exceptional efficiency by directly impacting the leaking crack and filling it with an leakproof agent. This is to prevent stagnant water from affecting only the concrete surface.

Technical report

Freezing time

6 – 15 minutes

Foaming magnification

8 – 14 times/minute

Strength (compression)



2000 ~ 3000 m Pa.s




18kg/can (PP)


Appropriate locations to apply the TAP GROUT method:

The intersection between concrete structures and where the concrete is connected. In addition, there are other places such as cold seals, cracks, cellular concrete, the area around H steel…

As well, it is also used in a various civil and infrastructure projects
  • Civil works: Water tanks, PIT tunnels, underground parking lots or basement walls, floors, ceilings…
  • Infrastructure works: Tunnels, drainage ditches, bridges, dams…

Application method

Step 1:

Examine the location of the leak to determine the location of the spray and the distance from the spray holes

Step 2:

At the edge of the leak, use the drill from top to bottom provided it penetrates the water gap to create a liquid injection hole.

Step 3:

Next, clean the spray hole and tighten it to attach the spray plug.

Step 4:

After completion of the preparations, spray the TAP solution from the installed plug

Step 5:

When the spray solution is in solid condition, loosen the plug and remove it.

Step 6:

The last step consists of cleaning and filling the spray hole using cement grout.

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